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nowist warrior

joining the fray...

hi everyone

i'm 28 from the UK and have been a receptacle for our psychedelic friends since i was 15. in some weird parallel to albert hoffman (who i knew nothing about at the time) my first acid trip also involved a bike ride. i've been riding that bike ever since, and when i'm separated from those keys to consciousness for any length of time i notice it. i'm a writer, neo-shaman and anarchist (though i really don't like labels). looking for people of like mind to share ideas about the inner and the outer.

what i noticed from a few entries here is that the difficulty in getting hold of acid is universal. i finished off the batch i managed to get hold of early last year and i've not had anything since. still i live in finland at the moment and it's almost impossible to find anything illegal and interesting. so what i propose is we all start learning how to produce our own drugs. cut out the middle man. i've grown my own shrooms and highly recommend it. my next project is to master LSD and DMt production. i have various e-books on how to do this, i can pass these onto anyone who is interested. because though a part of me yearns for an easy simple, legal life as a drug user, i know it's not going to happen and besides let's not seek permission from power elites that want to make us the scape-goats. check out for a better argument against legalisation.

you might also want to take a trip to where fine, free-thinking individuals hang out and talk about things we're all interested in.

if you wanna join in the revolution. quit your job, don't pay taxes, grow your own, travel, work with your hands, read good books and more importantly access those worlds which lie inside of and all around us.

peace, joy and chaos in this perfect now.
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