Mz. Tom Foolery (theamaranth) wrote in lsdspirituality,
Mz. Tom Foolery

LSD and God

i love thinking about God and nature in general. since i have started taking LSD, i have had some intense spiritual journeys during the trip. these thoughts, ideas and realizations lingered with me though, and imprinted me with their effects.

mostly the revelations that have come to me are:

*god is everywhere, is everything, and is the beginning, end and only

*indeed if everything is god, we must be expressions, dreams or creations of god

*since everything is god, everything is a reflection of supreme beauty

*even the evil things and bad things in the universe are Godly
*just as the positive and negative charge of atoms are exactly the same in energy and power, so is the universe in good/bad, light/dark, pain/pleasure, for God gave every aspect of this creation the same amount of respect and love

*karma is an expression describing how what we do comes back to us - this makes sense when you realize we are all one, and anything you do, you essentially do to yourself

*everyone is a soulmate, and if one can't communicate or connect, you are just in different places on the spectrum, or different wavelengths that can't understand one another in this life, and must with understanding and patience

*love is the original ripple in the pond that created all

i don't expect people to believe me or read into this, that is not the purpose or intention... i'm just sharing. perhaps it will ignite something in you and we can grow together.

God on the banks of the Yamuna river

The pristine state of the planet, with God playing his music

all our minds trick themselves into thinking they are separate, like particles... in truth that is only an illusion, and we are all dreams of God

Within every being, even animals and fish and birds, there is an aspect of God. Treat each with the respect and love you would want

a serene setting, the words resounding through the matter "desire", and "liberation" as multiple worlds weave through themselves

consulting a wise man in the woods

God and his gopis riding through the waters of the Yamuna underneath the moon

in this land, no one is male or female, no conflicting genders, we are all complementary colors of the same rainbow

Happy cows dancing for God

God rescues and reaches out to every one of us

when looking upon the beauty and music of nature, remember that you are staring God straight in the face, and hearing Hir voice

Our personality and God's personality exist within our bodies, just as two beautiful birds inhabit the same tree and sing harmonious melodies

Everything is of god - every crashing wave, every rolling rocky mountain, every face, every hand, every wispy cloud that drifts by...

peace is the original state

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