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Psychedelic Spirituality [entries|friends|calendar]
Psychedelic Spirituality

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[28 Nov 2008|04:15pm]

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[10 Nov 2008|05:11pm]


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[08 Nov 2008|07:33pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I am craving some psychedelics.  I feel that they are a spiritual experience and come to you when you are meant to have them.  It's been since September 2006 since I last tripped.  I feel that it is time.  I also feel that the higher power/creator force delivers it when it is NEEDED in your life, so I must sit and wait and wwwait foor when the time is *right.*  I feel that it is coming soon, however.

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DOWNLOADABLE psychedelic/space rock radio [20 Oct 2007|06:17pm]

I'm posting to advertise my hoppin' new psych radio show, Your Mind and We Belong Together, featuring classic and contemporary mindwarpers alike. You can listen to it live Wednesday Nights at 11pm Eastern Standard Time at www.wesufm.org or download and stream old episodes at http://yourmindandwe.notlong.com .

Playlists are available at http://www.wesufm.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=65, as well on on my myspace, http://myspace.com/psychsnotdead.

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[18 May 2007|05:53pm]

at a bar at night last week --- small, lit, pretty -- talking to a moon face who looks like someone i once knew. suddenly i am gripped with this terror i've only felt since my one and only trip on acid a month ago. WHAT IF I GET LOST? amnesia? the universe slip-sliding away? where will i go? the anonymity, the fragility of everyone. the terrible danger.
at a party the other day i almost lost my mind, i started to taste the dust again (the ominous dust) i tasted all night during that one and only trip. balloon faces and hard edges. i think i feel sicker more often than i used to, but also less emotional about it. life is so, so absurd.

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[28 Nov 2006|02:13am]

hi i'm mike. I'm 18 and from michigan and did lsd for the first time a few nights ago. it was pretty crazy, but only taking one hit i suppose didn't really make it the experience i'd hoped for. I'd really like to do more, but its almost impossible to find in my area.
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[19 Nov 2006|03:11pm]

I look into the icy mirror and see me. I am everything. I am all. I AM GOD! I AM THE SUPERIOR OF ALL! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!! Oh great burst of power art thou truly the mighty primitive indigenous force you claim to be or art thou no more than mere megalomanic phantasmagoria. Cars are spitting in the highway behind my ears as everything but all that is lucid in reality floats past to our left without even a cosmic sigh while we stretch on into the west. In the end, we are one again.

I can see the moon in the corner of my eyes, now the end of the world every time I glance back. The sun and moon are one. Everything is one. Every star bursts into millions more and travel forever and endlessly and are still the same! IT IS ALL ONE! EVERYTHING IS UNIVERSAL!!! But we are not souls. We do not live we do not die. We never exist except only to ourselves and only as we see it and that is all that is.

Wolves snarling crawl at me threw my window while I cowar helplessly in the safety of the confines of my mind. I am not afraid of wolves, but only that which is unknown to me of myself. And so here I am, reduced to a huddled mess of lifedeath deathlife branching out into the unseen world of

I am afraid because I know that whatever is in front of me might actually be in front of me, and the sense that reality can be real is in fact scarier than the sense I would acquire through a false reality.

A concept of what I can do is in theory more frightening than the concept of what I cant do because if I cant do it then its conception is empty and powerless.

Id rather create than destroy.
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[13 Oct 2006|01:58am]


Click here to join salvia_divinorum_argentina
Click to join salvia_divinorum_argentina

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I was looking through my older journal and found this entry! <3 [18 Sep 2006|02:56am]

[ mood | chipper ]

This is the story of my trips at a cave rave festival called Geologic.  It was July 15-17 2005 at the Shawnee Saltpetre Cave (Which is magickal).. and well, here's the story of my wacky adventures!

We left my house at 7am and I had had no sleep that night.  We made several stops along the way.  We went to WalMart and Becky bought the weirdest toy.  She named it Squiggley T. JOnes and it is a red fuzzball that moos, sings a bad 80's song, says "That's cosmic, vibrates, and does some other ridiculous things.  Squiggley T. Jones became the ruler of our colony we created, the colony of Grasstafonia (I'll get to that a little later on).  Anywho, so we stopped and ate at a Don Taco.  I had never eaten there before and it was really good. 

Then when we finally got there it was 5pm.  We set up our tents and went venturing.  The cave is beautiful!!!  We walked around and listened to the music for a while and then we ran into a girl selling weed.  We decided to buy some because we had nothing better to do.  So anyways, we heard that you can not be arrested at this venue because it is located on an Indian reservation and police can not arrest people there.  So we just smoked the pot right wherever we felt like it.  Anyways, so my friends wanted to roll.  So we met this guy who lead us down a creepy and very dark path.  It was scary because we were following him and all he had to lead us with was a glowstick like light and he was trippin.  Either way, we made it there to his far away tent and the guy that was with him had several psychedelics.  .... .... ....

He had LSD, chocloate mushrooms, E, and some other things.   We ended up getting 2 chocolate shroom bars each, 2 hits of acid each, and a roll each ( we got these later from someone else).  Anyways, so Michael and Chad took their shrooms right there.  I wanted to wait and Becky waited with me.    Anyways when we got out of that scary path I took one of my shroom bars.  I wanted to have things left over.  It was plenty.. trust me.  before long none of us knew which way was up or down, left or right.  I saw the Hindu God/Goddess' Kali & Shiva, in the rock formations surrounded by skulls and faces.  I saw the spirit of a Shaman dancing in a bonfire. 

We walked up and down the hill, the steep and deadly hill, several times.  When I first got there and hadn't yet taken psychedelics the walk up the hill was so hard, but when I was on the shrooms I felt like a super hero and walked up and down it several times to the tent and back to the stage.  The shroom trip lasted a long time and I ended up contacting aleans and goblins in the sky.  I went journeying several times and it was madness but things were super pretty.  So then I decided to journey up the hill, all of the way to the gate to see if the cell phone would work because it didn't get reception in cave city.  So I ventured up and I felt as if I were in a video game.  There was a chair waiting for me in the middle of the path at the top of the hill.  I finally got there and tried the phone.  It still didn't work.  It was funny because there were two other obvious trippers at the top of the hill ranting about something and everything just felt like complete chaos.  ........ .... ....

So anyways, after several tries I finally gave up on the phone and ventured down the hill.  I felt as though I was being sucked into a portal where time does not exist.  When I finally made it to the main stage there was a shamanic spirit invoking dance being lead by a firedancer going on surrounded by blacklight mandalas and the world was in chaotic unity.  We then hung around there for a while and when we finally ventured up the hill and back to the tents BEcky and Michael were in their tent and Michael was severely freaking out.  HE kind of freaked me out too... So I just continued to contact aleans with a flashlight and ramble about nonsense.  We then all ventured to my tent and our squishy air matress and sunk into the ground into a weird and trance like sleep.....  These mushrooms were by far one of the BEST psychedelic experiences I have ever had in my life!!  AMazing!!!!  This story is to be continued!

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Promo Banners, use them! [18 Sep 2006|02:26am]


Tis all.
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[30 Jun 2006|08:34am]

[ mood | tired ]

mmm 4th of july is coming up and me and my dearest friend are either taking lsd or booms then walking to the res (a big hill) and watching all the fire works of the town then play in the night with light up frisbee's and glow sticks and such then we'll see what happens after that...i will let you guys know how it is, im sure it will be amazing, cause have you ever seen like a plane on acid? oohhh myyy...amazing...well thats all for now, happy tripping

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[08 Jun 2006|09:34pm]

hey, i am quite an amature when it comes to drugs, since all ive tried so far are grass alcohol and morning glories. alcohol has been my favorite to do on a regular basis, but morning glories gave me the most amazing effects ive ever gotten. so i guess ill post about that. anyway, so i ate the seeds, and then hung out with people and we listened to songs backwards. the end (the doors) and revolution #9 (the beatles) were the best backwards. while listening to revolution #9, i had a vivid image of a destroyed city, with a giant face of hitler imposed over it making a speech in german and above it all were angelic voices singing in the clouds. next i went to an open mic and that was incredible. the first person who went up...oh god, it was beautiful. the way he sang and played and moved all just flowed into one and soon thats all there was and it was absolutely amazing. nothing else of interest happened. i need to do more drugs. i really wanna try peyote.
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LSD and God [24 May 2006|05:30pm]

i love thinking about God and nature in general. since i have started taking LSD, i have had some intense spiritual journeys during the trip. these thoughts, ideas and realizations lingered with me though, and imprinted me with their effects.

i'll share some revelations with youCollapse )

i don't expect people to believe me or read into this, that is not the purpose or intention... i'm just sharing. perhaps it will ignite something in you and we can grow together.

God on the banks of the Yamuna river

some beautiful pictures for meditating on, focusing on, looking intoCollapse )
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new! [23 May 2006|08:59am]

hi there, i'm a new member...can't believe i wasn't aware of this community until now. lsd is an important part of my life, has changed my life in so many ways, allows for a new vision, sight, understanding. you all know this, feel where i'm coming from, of course.
i'm 24, live in southern california, and can't imagine many things more wonderful than spending a day in the desert with these levitating visions.
glad to be here and hope to post often!
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introductory "hello" thing. [25 Mar 2006|07:46pm]

hey im steven. 19. Amazed by lsd. The things I have felt from it have made me question so many things.. like why do we not see these things normally? sometimes i think it is something that is hidden from us. anyways ive got to run. l8r.
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[13 Mar 2006|04:29pm]

Hello folks.

I'm Barry. I'm new to the community. Don't really know what to say as an introduction. I'm 24 and a student.

Lately I've been doing a lot of experiments in altered consciousness. I've been reading up on ayahuasca. I'd really like someone to talk to about the brewing process. Does anyone in here have any experience brewing ayahuasca?
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[21 Feb 2006|09:44pm]


april 29 there is going to be a global night commute. This is in honner of the children in Uganda who flee their homes every night and walk miles to the nearest city to keep form being abducted and brain washed and forced to be in a rebel army. TAKE ACTION!! Read up here http://www.invisiblechildren.com/ spread the word please and really consider joining the global commute!!!

thank you,

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[14 Feb 2006|07:03pm]

Hi i'm new to the community =D.
I'm very interested in psychadelics and exploring the realms of my mind with them.
Obtaining out of body experiences is also a big interest of mine.
I was wondering if anyone here has ever obtained OBE's from the use of LSD or other psychadelic drugs?
I myself have through mushrooms, acid, and salvia.
I look forward to being more involved in this community.
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joining the fray... [29 Jan 2006|04:17pm]

hi everyone

i'm 28 from the UK and have been a receptacle for our psychedelic friends since i was 15. in some weird parallel to albert hoffman (who i knew nothing about at the time) my first acid trip also involved a bike ride. i've been riding that bike ever since, and when i'm separated from those keys to consciousness for any length of time i notice it. i'm a writer, neo-shaman and anarchist (though i really don't like labels). looking for people of like mind to share ideas about the inner and the outer.

what i noticed from a few entries here is that the difficulty in getting hold of acid is universal. i finished off the batch i managed to get hold of early last year and i've not had anything since. still i live in finland at the moment and it's almost impossible to find anything illegal and interesting. so what i propose is we all start learning how to produce our own drugs. cut out the middle man. i've grown my own shrooms and highly recommend it. my next project is to master LSD and DMt production. i have various e-books on how to do this, i can pass these onto anyone who is interested. because though a part of me yearns for an easy simple, legal life as a drug user, i know it's not going to happen and besides let's not seek permission from power elites that want to make us the scape-goats. check out http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/1jcl/1jcl34.htm for a better argument against legalisation.

you might also want to take a trip to http://www.futurehi.net/ where fine, free-thinking individuals hang out and talk about things we're all interested in.

if you wanna join in the revolution. quit your job, don't pay taxes, grow your own, travel, work with your hands, read good books and more importantly access those worlds which lie inside of and all around us.

peace, joy and chaos in this perfect now.
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[18 Jan 2006|12:33am]


A new rating community. But this one is different, This community is for stoners, drug users, and drinkers. A lot of these rating communities are a bunch of straight edge people who say no just because you do drugs. For the ones who do the damn do.
Join.. i_heart_cunts
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